Amakusa Shiro Memorial Hall


Before going around Kami Amakusa, it is best to drop by the Amakusa Shiro Memorial Hall.



Amakusa Shiro played a very important role in Amakusa’s religious history. He led a series of revolts against the Tokugawa Shogunate.



Upon entering the museum, foreign visitors are given headsets with an English translation that describe each area of the museum. The museum features 13 exhibitions that depict the history of Christianity in Amakusa. Each area tells a story of how Christianity made a big contribution to Japanese history, from its arrival in 1549 up to its suppression.



There are also dioramas of the famed Shimabara Rebellion. It is said that 37,000 people were involved, with thousands losing their lives in the battle. Shimabara Rebellion is one of the rebellions hurled against the feudal lords in the spirit of equality.



The exhibition ends at the Meditation healing space. It is a place to reflect on, pray for, and celebrate the lives of the thousands of Christians who died in the battle.


Address: 977-1 Oyano-machi Naka, Kami – Amakusa 869-3603, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan