Amakusa Soba Dokoro Reishuya


Reishuya is home of the best Soba in Shimoshima Amakusa.



Soba restaurants in Southern part of Japan are not as common as they are in the North. This is because buckwheat is difficult to grow in areas with warm weather and bad soil condition, and why Udon noodles are popular in places like Osaka and Amakusa.



There are not that many soba restaurants in Amakusa, and Reishuya is a discovery that easily makes it a must-visit. This neighborhood restaurant specializes in making homemade soba noodles. Aside from their food, they boast of their excellent service and quaint atmosphere.



Try the set of Amakusadaio with egg bowl and soba (hot or cold) for ¥1500. The soba is freshly made and has a perfect mix of ingredient textures and flavors. The Amakusa King Chicken is another dish that you have to try when you dine here.


Address: 48 Higashimachi, Amakusa 863-0033, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan