Kaisen – Kura


Amakusa is surrounded by pristine waters and abundant seafood. One of the establishments offering dolphin watching tour is Kaisen-Kura, which is also a seafood restaurant.



Kaisen-Kura serves the freshest and tastiest seafood you could ever have. Seafood are picked out very delicately; the owner always makes sure that they maintain the same quality, size, and appearance of their catch.




One of the must-try dishes is the Seafood Platter (¥3,000), made with squid, Hiogigai clam, aji fish, Avalon, turban shells, and shrimp. It also comes with rice and miso soup.


If you want to include the dolphin tour during lunch time, you have to pay ¥3,500, which includes a seafood platter good for three people.


Kaisen-Kura owner, Nozaki Takiko


Address: 4733-1 Itsuwamachi Oniike, Amakusa 863-2331, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan