Opened in 1951, this popular ramen restaurant serves old-school Kumamoto-style ramen. Patrons of Kodaiko keep coming back for their 100% pork bone soup base ramen. During the day, there is always a long queue of waiting for people in front of the restaurant.



Kodaiko’s pork base soup is boiled in the “Goemongawa” pot for 3 days. The term Goemongawa came from a Japanese outlaw named Ishikawa Goemon, who was publicly boiled alive for robbing the rich feudal lords and sharing it with the oppressed.



We recommend ordering the Kumamoto Set (¥900,) a complete meal of handmade ramen and Takana fried rice. Sit back and slurp down some time-tested noodles in Kodaiko!


Address: 1823-5 Suya, Koushi  City, Kumamoto Prefecture 861-1102, Japan