A highly luxurious ryokan (Japanese hotel) in Noboribetsu, Hotel Takinoya is located in the onsen (Japanese hot spring) resort area in Southern Hokkaido.


Japanese garden


Upon entering the ryokan, guests will be greeted by a breathtaking view of the Japanese garden. The mistress who fluently speaks English graciously welcomes the guests with traditional matcha (green tea) and Japanese desserts.



Inside, Takinoya is elegant and classy; the interior is very minimalist and depicts true Japanese simplicity. The Japanese staff are courteous without being intrusive and will show you around with great care and atiention to detail. There are only 30 rooms inside Takinoya so there’s no chance of overcrowding in the hallways or the dining area. Although modern in appearance, this is definitely a formal and established ryokan in terms of experience.




Private onsen inside your room


We suggest you stay in a Type D room. It comes complete with a private dining room, living room, and your own open-air onsen next to the balcony. The view outside the room is otherworldly; it overlooks a lush forest that you can stare at for a long while.




Like other Japanese ryokans, the floor is covered with tatami mats. The room comes with dinner and breakfast as well as free use of the facilities inside the hotel. The kaiseki meals are tastefully done and truly an art on a plate; even the simplest of dishes balance out the taste, look, texture, and colors of the food. Looking at the beauty on your plate only proves that Japanese eat with their eyes and cook with their heart.


Public Onsen at the 5th floor


Public onsen at the ground floor


All the standard niceties of staying at a high-end ryokan are available. There are two public baths, one at the 5th floor overlooking the woods and a larger one located at the B1 floor. It has 4 standard-sized pools and a small pond-like outdoor pool with an awesome view of nature.


This 100-year-old ryokan is by no means cheap; it exudes class and sophistication. If you’re looking for a once–in–a–lifetime splurge in Noboribetsu, you should definitely stay at Takinoya.


Address: 162 Noboribetsu Onsen Machi, Noboribetsu Hokkaido, Japan