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Located in the Southwest region of Kumamoto Prefecture, Amakusa is a remote beauty waiting to be discovered. It is made up of 2 main islands  Kamishima and Shimoshima, along with other small islands of varying sizes.

The region is connected by five bridges that showcase amazing scenery of the scattered islands. Despite its distance from the city, Amakusa is a place where people can enjoy and peruse the quiet fishing village.

Hidden Christians of Amakusa

Christianity was first brought to Japan in 1549 by a Jesuit priest named Francis Xavier when trading opened in Kagoshima. Not long after, it spread to neighboring areas such as Nagasaki and Amakusa.

In 1614, the Tokugawa regime felt threatened by the growth of Christianity out of their fear of colonialism. Persecutions began and the eradication of Christianity started. Missionaries and priests alike were killed, while those who practiced Christianity were given an option to renounce their faith or face death. Some chose to convert to Shintoism and Buddhism in order to hide their Christian faith.

Fed up with famine and cruel treatment, peasants from Amakusa organized a rebellion to fight against the regime. This resulted in the Shimbara Rebellion, which is considered as one of the largest revolts during the Edo period.

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Oe Church

Oe Church is the oldest Catholic Church in Amakusa and was one

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Adam Arakawa

Few locals of Amakusa know that there is a blessed martyr in their

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Amakusa Shiro Memorial Hall

Before going around Kami Amakusa, it is best to drop by

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Amakusa Saraca Somemoto

Immerse yourself in the culture of Amakusa and learn how to make

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Hotel Nikko

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Ladder of Angel

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